Are you looking for the fulltext of your favorite medical journal? Do you want to know which databases are accessible for you? Do you want to read medical textbooks as well? This is the right place for you.


A lot of medical journals have the online version on the internet nowadays. The access depends on a lot of factors. Some journals have a large retrospective archive and the access is free of charge, some journals have restriction criteria or you can buy an article via credit card. Generally the access is controlled via IP addresses or you must sign in (log in) and consequently sign out (log off). Try it with the following list of the fulltext journals.


The same information/restriction which you can find above is valid for this section databases, too. The link Databases contains high quality databases which offer the access to thousands of titles (total count). The access privileges are set to either Faculty of Medicine or Medical Hospital.

E-books collection

Thieme e-books collection is bought exclusively for you. Read them all to be excellent! This link is not about Thieme only, do not hesitate to look for another hundreds interesting e-books.


CSI has prepared some e-lectures suitable for English speaking students.